How to choose your reference photo

We want you to LOVE your pet portrait, and the key to a fantastic final product is submitting the right reference photo. We don't know your pet like you do, so we rely on you to provide a photo that translates their unique characteristics in the best light. Below are our tips for choosing a photo to gain the best results:

1. Front on angle

Think of the most famous portrait artwork - the Mona Lisa. Facing the camera at eye level works best here too. 

2. Sitting or standing position

Our portraits are cropped to include your pet's head and shoulders. If your pet is lying down, we lose the neck and shoulders and it just doesn't work as well.

3. Good natural lighting

Shadows dull the colours and details of your friend's fabulous features, and our artists can only work with what they can see in front of them.

4. Unique identifiers on display

Does your pet have the brightest eyes? The funniest shaped patch of fur? An ear that points in the wrong direction? Make sure it's in your picture so it's clear who the portrait is of in an instant!

5. Show some personality!

The best portraits say something about their subject. Choose an iconic pic of your pet that shows off how silly, snuggly or sly they can be.


And remember:

What shows in your photo is what will show in your final portrait. This includes accessories, colours and imperfections. If there is anything important you want altered from the reference photo, be sure to pop it in the comments box when ordering and we'll do our best to accommodate.